To make seo strategy future proof look into the options below. To know about the trends in SEO its better to get updated on day to day basis.

Major trend in 2024

AI content Ok or not ok?

Its going to be rough year, As lot of updates happening around SEO space. but it is not required to get stressed out. Google seems to be like we have lot of data to map the interest. Google on track to lauch updates this year. More updates and more changes to make search an experience. To give reliable content

Google is giving human first approach more visibility. Google releases system updates and algorithm updates.Big bulk of SEOs are freaking out all of the new inclusions that are happening.

Danny sullivan says ” To highlight real human authorship in cost effective ways is a big challenge” . Google will not tell that AI content is intrinsically a problem.Read between the lines about what Google is saying to SEOs about EEAT like authoritativeness,quality etc. EEAT is a gatekeeper to allowing things to get into SGE. Its like snake eating its tail for an AI content to be evaluated by AI.Can easily differentiate the content given by an expert and an emiter by the terminology used. Can use AI content but it has to serve the purpose of fulfilling the search query. AI content has to be relavant to the topic.

Impact of SGE

SGE is Search Generative Experience. Google will be experimenting on a new type of search result called SGE. Its Google’s take on generative AI and clearly a response to things like chatgpt. There is nothing certain about SGE. There is been a lot of discussion about SGE in SEO space. Its bit too early to predict how SGE is going to impact SEO.

For navigational queries it’s not the best to have SGE. google update especially Gemini updates, have made SGE a lot better.

Google has said the they will not provide SGE for medical queries and life saving queries on finance and other relevant topics.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization is an important aspect in modern SEO. With the constant increase in the voice search queries there is a necessity  for  conversational and longtail keyword optimization. EEAT remains an effective strategy for seo in 2024

Mobile first indexing and user experience

Search engines will continue to prioritize mobile friendly websites. Google prioritize the indexing and ranking of the website based on its desktop vs mobile version. Content has to be same on both desktop and mobile version.Its better to create a single site and make it responsive.

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