Importance Of Adding Schema Markup And Its Significance On SEO

In the fast changing landscape of Search Engine Optimization, being up to date is essential for ranking on the top of the search engine. One of the powerful tool for getting ranked on SERP is Schema markup.

Inspite of its significant result, many SEO specialist forget to use Schema Markup on the website. In this blog we will see importance of Schema markup and how it works.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema Markup is a code, a structured data to understand the content of the page. Schema Markup gives enhanced information about the webpage. Google uses the information on the schema markup to generate rich results, carousel, events etc.

Schema markup provides exact clues about the content type of the website. User gets an idea the websie with the detailed information on Schema markup.

Types Of Schema Markup

Though there are many schema types lets check the commonly used markups.

Organisation: By integrating organisation schema in website, it gives how the business details are displayed in a search result. It improves the CTR(Click Through Rates ) and brand recognition.

Person: Person schema gives detailed information about the person searched. Any blogging website atttributing to a person should use this schema.

Product: Product schema gives detailed information about a product. It shows more information like product name, model number, color,size,Price, ratings, availablity etc.

Event: Event Schema gives information about an event like name of the event, location, date, start and end timing, ticket information, parking facilities etc. Your Attractive Heading

How To Implement Schema Markup

It can be implemented by the following ways.

Tools & Plugins

Manual implementation

Testing & validating schema

Advanced Schema Markup techniques

Using Nesting Schemas

Combining multiple schemas

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